Company Profile


LEADER Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. in 1970 to set up factories, a year after the official mass production DICTA single-speed flywheel, peak production of 30 to 400,000 per month, is the number of domestic production quality and quantity of one of the best manufacturers.

Flywheel process cumbersome, labor-intensive, high processing costs, over the years continue to face severe challenges, the company's belief in the use of only the standard steel steel, and import cold and CNC and other modern technology to enhance product quality, has become the only one hundred percent Taiwan manufacturers of manufacturing.

Experienced 50 years of efforts to research and development, all products have been the European Union, the United States, Japan and Taiwan and other countries bike flywheel standard inspection certification. So access to other industry trust and extended to be used in sports equipment, spray trucks, golf carts, electric bicycles, floor cleaning wax trucks and increased tricycles and other related markets.

In the face of the current bike-related market gradually refined, Leader in the absolute attitude of marketing in the EU, the United States, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries, and to explore the concept of the world to open up other markets.